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Capturing Life's Wonderful Moments

"But very quickly, taking photos became something more to me. It became something that I not only loved doing, but actually needed to do, much the way authors talk about their urge to get words down on paper or avid runners just have to go for their morning jog."-Emily Giffin

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About me

Photography has had my heart since I first picked up a digital camera in 2004. I was always that person trailing behind their family & friends snapping photos at every opportunity :) I began in abstract photography, searching for beauty in things we see every day. I later, fell in love with capturing the joy behind a child's excited smile and their fascination with the simplest of things so I started taking family portraits. After Graduating with a Master's degree in Social Work, I moved to Stuart, FL with my now husband, Nick and our family of pets. In 2017 I became a Licensed Clinical Social Worker & had the opportunity to work closely with those in need of support. I love connecting with people & finding interesting commonalities or beautiful differences. I eventually ventured into Wedding Photography & getting to photograph two people in love on one of the happiest days of their lives brings me so much joy. I truly love capturing the unique personalities of everyone I get to photograph, laugh & talk with, through this passion of mine I get to call a job. I aim to create unique connections with my Clients by encouraging them to be completely themselves and always have fun :)


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